“Little Band. Big Sound.”
                         — Boston Globe (Boston, MA)

“Clever, smart songs that have more hooks than a tackle box.”
                         — Times Union (Albany, NY)

“Krahmer has one of most powerful and flexible voices you’ll ever hear.”
                         — Times Union (Albany, NY)

“Upstate New York Rockers Sirsy and their cool rotoscoped video pulled out a convincing win…” (SIRSY wins MTV contest and “Lionheart” video is added to regular rotation on MTVu)
                         — MTVu  (WATCH THE VIDEO HERE)

“SIRSY wows crowds at over 250 shows per year nationally.”
                         — Relix Magazine 

“Sirsy is Rocking two-piece comprised of Melanie — like Meg White, but she can actually play the drums and sing — and Rich, who Rocks the guitar. Sirsy has great songs and they put on an amazing show — every time.”
                         — Amber Miller (WEQX)

“This is EXACTLY what the heart and spirit of SXSW has always been about… Pouring their souls out and rocking the shit outta the crowd, was SIRSY…phenomenal! SIRSY is NOT simply a two piece, they are a head scratching, WOW! The guitar player is flawless and raw. Clean enough to be enjoyed, and just edgy enough to make you grin. The lead singer/drummer/bass player was stunning. With a great voice and an even better smile, the drummer is the center of attention, as she should be. Singing and playing drums has always been an impressive task. Now throw in the bass tracks and work that AT THE SAME TIME…DAMN! This is the complete package in a fun sized, rock and roll, smiling laughing, have a good goddamn time with your friends, band!”
                         — William Tompkins, SXSW Music Blog (Austin TX)

“Easily one of the best bands featured on ReverbNation, Sirsy, from Albany, NY, which consists of Melanie Krammer (percussion, vocals) and guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Rich Libutti, is truly a powerhouse duo. Accomplished musicians with some of the most interesting and polished rock/soul/alternative/indie pop songs, none of which are flawed in any perceptible way, Sirsy is a real one of a kind band. There are plenty of male/female duos recording this type (or slightly more edgy) music currently, like the also great Whitehorse, but there is something that is above and beyond the norm where Sirsy’s music is concerned. Melanie Kramer’s powerful and soulful vocals are instantly recognizable within her genre, but are powerfully individual enough to make you pay more attention than you would any other average singer in her genre. The only singer I can compare her to, in terms of genre reinvigorating not necessarily range and strength, is Alabama Shakes’ Brittany Howard. That’s some spectacular company for Melanie. Sirsy’s standout single, which is also perhaps the most widely accessible, is “Killer.” It encapsulates everything great about Sirsy. Melanie’s vocals, tinged with a bit of soulful snark, are simply incredible. Rich LIbutti’s solid rock guitar work is impeccable. It’s simply astonishing the amount of sound these two produce on their own without a full band. “Brave and Kind” takes the listener in a totally opposite direction. This quietly powerful song sung and performed with an equally quiet and powerful sincerity is simply nothing short of sublime. Sirsy is the kind of band that only comes along once in a decade or so. They’re one of the few bands out there that you simply MUST be listening to.”
                         — Andy Frisk, Shutter 16 Magazine, “Top 5 Bands on Reverbnation” Article  / 2015

“Sirsy is a hook-heavy duo that rocks with maximum hip-shake appeal. Melanie Krahmer beats the drums and sings while Rich Libutti lets fly with Big Star hooks as sleek as Krahmer’s getaway sticks. Inventive, irresistible, and fun.”
                       — Frank DeBlase, City Newspaper (Rochester NY)

“SIRSY is Melanie Krahmer on drums, bass pads, flute, and vocals – and Rich Libutti on guitar and pedal bass.  Melanie hit every note perfectly as she sang. Rich’s skillful guitar playing created the full musical sound and didn’t leave any empty spots in the tunes from only having two players, like Jack White of the White Stripes sometimes did.  All of that created the perfect frame for us to be amazed by what Melanie was doing.  You kind of have to see it to understand it. It’s not a gimmick band. They’re seriously good, balanced and practiced.  Highly talented, “edgy-feel-good” and fun to watch, you gotta go see them.”
                       — Wayne Brodd, Houston Music Blog (Houston, TX)

“Killer rock guitar riffs that are every schoolboy’s dream.”
                       — Instrumental Magazine (Scotland)

“The combination of the sheer blues-rock power of The White Stripes and the gutsy style of Joan Jett make up the explosive sound that is SIRSY.”
                         — Tourdevaap Music Blog (France)

“This ain’t your run-of-the-mill indie band folks. Sirsy offers up a veritable soup of ardent originality. Krahmer casts her lyrical and vocal spell with a voice that is a standout among wannabes in today’s radio drivel. Bursting and belting out emotion and substance, she can be the queen of ‘in the groove’ rocking or be simple and delicate. The band shines in comparison to the stock inventory of what is commercially available. Originality starts from the top down and with Sirsy it doesn’t stop at the depth and insight of the music and lyrics. The performance is stellar…bringing the listener back to emotions that one might not want to revisit, but the beauty of Melanie’s voice and the invitation of the music whisper, “it’s okay.” Emotional, original, rock with a singer who gives major label releases a run for their money. Take notice, this is one indie band with the clout, talent and know-how to make great records and groove its way to musician nirvana.”
                         — J. Schaefer, Aftertaste Magazine

“… one of the most dynamic and original sounds in rock and roll…a band that has transcended their own art to become nothing short of iconic. 5 stars (out of 5) for their CD Revolution”

— Wildy’s World (CD Review of Revolution / Aug 2008)

“Every track is perfection…. I could play the whole album on the radio. The vocals of Melanie Krahmer range from a sensual low growl to a high pitched falsetto. Excellent! Awesome! Incredible!”

—Annette Warner GoGirlsMusic,com

“Sirsy showed chops and brass.  The seasoned touring band with half a dozen CDs in its canon ruled the packed crowd. (Review for: Medusafest, CBGBs, NYC)

— Kathleen Warnock, ROCKRGRL MAGAZINE
Issue 57 (Fall 2005)

“Sirsy was one of the first groups to take part in our Localeyez program and judging by the positive response we’ve had from our consumers we are confident that Sirsy has a great future.”

— Mark Hogan, Vice President of Marketing for Trans World
Entertainment / Albany, NY (Dec 2002)

Opening for Collective Soul was the well-regarded Sirsy. Fronted by Melanie Krahmer, who is blessed with a stunning voice. Krahmer has a terrific growl and she also doubles on flute which gave Sirsy’s songs a mysterious quality that demanded a listener’s attention.”

—Dave Windsheimer, Recorder, Albany/Upstate, NY (April 2005)

“Errr, wow. I mean, WOW! While their music is radio friendly, and their looks are eye-friendly, the material is actually really good. Like pop songs used to be before MTV. They have a sizeable fanbase as evidenced by the sell out at the Tribeca show… go see them!

— Pete Harris, Indie Sounds NY/ NYC

“Sirsy, an Albany based pop band has taken the Northeast by storm! Their marketing skills as amazing as they are, however, are toppled in comparison by the amount of heart, soul, and passion they have pouring through their music. At this year’s Bamboozle Festival, make sirsy a band on your must-see list!”

—Peter Kakouriotis, Aquarian, NJ & NYC (April 2005)

“The amazing sirsy.You can tell anyone you want, I’m a big SIRSY fan.”

—Patti Rothberg, EMI Recording Artist/ NYC

“Sirsy reminds me why I love music.”

—Arthur Gonick, WSPN 91.1FM

“On Ruby, they’re tighter and more focused than ever. It’s no surprise that Ruby debuted in the Top 10. Vicious guitar work frames the super-sexy vocals of lead gal Melanie Krahmer. She’s Sirsy’s trump card, and her performance here is stunning. Krahmer has the lungs of a teenage athlete and the growl of a sixty-something blues singer.”

—Ethan Covey, Music Editor, Seven Days Newspaper / Burlington, VT

“…gorgeous…great pop songs…classy and quirky enough to capture the ears of college radio listeners all over the continent… catchy without being hackneyed. It’s rare that I get the opportunity to hear superior slow songs that don’t sound artificial and simulated.”

—Pete Knapp, President, Shut Eye Records / Atlanta, GA

“I liked the Sirsy stuff. From what I heard, they definitely have the talent to go all the way.”

— Rob Hotchkiss (guitarist) of the band TRAIN

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